Erika S.

“Ipo is a master of transformation. I saw myself transform from a weary mom to a magazine diva in less than an hour. Her photography freezes that moment of life and creates a beautiful keepsake. Ipo is a true artist, easy going personality, and very cheerful.”


“I was extremely nervous when I first arrived, but Ipo made me feel very comfortable from the start. She is very easy to work with. I was able to be myself and had a great time. The pictures came out FABULOUS!!”


“Ipo’s personable style put my heart at ease. She captured my femininity and dignity. It was a fun experience I will never forget.”

“Ipo makes your photo shoot fun and comfortable. From the beginning I had a blast. Her makeup skills along with her artistic mind is beautiful, producing only the best photos. Working with Ipo is nothing less than an amazing experience.”


“I just have to share how amazing Ipo is. Ipo is the sweetest and is so very talented. Ipo really knows her angles and how to make a mama look good. She beat the hell out my face like I’ve never been beat before. I told my husband that I will be putting myself on canvas and hanging it all around the house.”

Erika K.

“So… I could find a million flaws in myself. It doesn’t matter what color I am, what size I am, what my hair looks like, how much makeup I have on… I will anyways be full of flaws in my eyes. But shooting with Ipo was an experience I’ll never forget. It’s eye opening to see yourself how others see you. The good, the bad… all of it. But she made me so comfortable, I started second guessing my own self doubts, if that’s even a thing. I feel like everyone needs this, if not for the photos, then for the experience. One I’ll never forget. I can’t thank you enough Ipo!”